Wills – Can I Change My Mind?

You are free to alter your will at any time. If your circumstances change, you can and should consider changing your will. If you marry it is very important that you make a new will.

However, you cannot simply make an alteration by, for instance, crossing something out in the original will and writing in your new wishes. If the alterations are minor, we can help you make a codicil (a separate document in which you change a provision in your will), but it is usually better to make an entirely new will unless the change is very simple. A codicil must be signed in the presence of two witnesses, in the same way as the original will.

Marriott Oliver have recent had 2 matters one in which the deceased had hand altered their will at home and another in which the deceased has written a “home made will” which he didn’t have properly witnessed. This involved additional work and expense for the estate in order to have the deceased’s wishes carried out and months of uncertainty for the family left behind.

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