What Am I Entitled To?

I only looked after the home and the children. My partner earned all the money!

For starters it doesn’t matter that all of the property is in your former partner’s name. The Family Law Act gives the Court power to order a transfer of property. Superannuation can also be divided.

In the vast majority of cases the contribution made to the welfare of the family as home-maker and parent will be given the same value as the contribution of the bread winner. This can be the case even where the property pool to be divided is worth many millions of dollars.

In saying that though, there are many factors which a Court needs to consider which will determine who gets what. The result can be as different as the circumstances of the families involved.

If you do not have the financial resources to separate but wish to do so, you may be entitled to an interim property settlement or spouse maintenance before the dispute is finally resolved.

You should also know that so far as property settlement is concerned, the law now is the same for de facto relationships as it is for people who are married.

If you want to find out more about your entitlements, do not hesitate to contact our firm for an initial consultation. One of our dedicated Family Law Team will be more than happy to advise you on your potential entitlements.

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