Title Insurance – What does it do and do I need it?

What is Title Insurance?

Title insurance is specialised insurance which provides cover for certain hidden or unknown risks which could cause loss, or affect ownership of a person’s property.

Types of coverage provided by Title Insurance

Title insurance will provide the policy holder with protection against:

                Illegal Building Work/Demolition or upgrade orders issued by Council

Structures that have been built illegally without Council’s consent .

                Survey/Boundary Defects

Adverse matters that would have been revealed in an up to date survey report.

                Registration Gap

                A dealing being lodged by another person preventing your interest from being registered.

Fraud, Forgery and Identity Theft

                Loss due to forgery, identity theft or fraud resulting in you being denied your ownership of the property.    

                Planning and Title Defects

                Loss incurred from non-compliance with zoning or development laws, lack of legal access or unregistered easements or covenants.

                Outstanding Rates and Taxes

                Rates or taxes owed by the previous owner which you are now liable.

Title insurance will not replace our roles as Conveyancing team in assisting with your purchase transactions, however the combination of our professional advice together with insurance could provide you with comprehensive protection against risks associated with your property purchase.

Should you have any enquiries regarding title insurance please do not hesitate to contact our office or visit one of the websites available (, or for further information.

Please note we do not receive fees, commissions or other financial benefits from any insurer.

Kylie Falconer – Marriott Oliver Solicitors Pty Ltd – 2016

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