Recognition of Service

Long term Partner in our firm Leonie Sinclair was honoured along with other local solicitors at a function on 5th November 2012 celebrating solicitors with more than 25 years service to the profession.

The President of the NSW Law Society Justin Dowd presented Leonie and the other solicitors with certificates in recognition of this milestone in their professional lives.

Leonie was admitted as a solicitor on 6 May 1983 having commenced working at Marriott Oliver in November 1981 immediately after she completed her university studies. Leonie has worked in a broad range of legal matters but since 1996 when she became accredited by the Law Society as a Specialist in Family Law she has worked mostly in Family Law. She has also extensive experience in the area of Succession and Deceased Estates.

Leonie’s expertise in Family and Estate matters as well as her broader experience in a range of matters is an asset to our firm. Leonie, like other senior practitioners, enjoys mentoring the younger members of the profession. At Marriott Oliver we adopt a team approach in all matters so that the clients receive the benefit of the knowledge of the more experienced practitioners regardless of which solicitor has the carriage of the matter.

Leonie has helped many thousands of clients in the Shoalhaven area during her 30 years with the firm and looks forward to continuing to use her knowledge and expertise for the benefit of future clients.

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