Ethical Business

Marriott Oliver – A Model Corporate Citizen

Environmental and sustainable practices

  • use of energy efficient products wherever practicable
  • active promotion of energy efficient practices
  • encouragement of low energy and no energy transport options
  • promotion of recycling, re-use, and waste reduction
  • recycled paper and items are used wherever appropriate
  • philosophy of ‘paperless’ office wherever possible
  • participation in Earth Hour and other environmental initiatives
  • active steps to reduce our carbon footprint.

Marriott Oliver responsible corporate behaviour

  • consistent behaviour as a model corporate citizen and role model for business and the professions
  • clear and well conceived strategic plans
  • strong focus on continuing development and retention of staff
  • long term view of investment in the business
  • rigorous risk management
  • appropriate business continuity planning
  • responsible financial stewardship
  • respect for the history and heritage of the Shoalhaven
  • observance of highest standards of all relevant professional bodies
  • ethical business behaviour
  • socially responsible business practices
  • fair dealings with all stakeholders, clients, suppliers, employees, financiers, and community members.