Client Services

Marriott Oliver Client Service Commitment

Marriott Oliver observes the very highest standards of professional ethics, advice, and service. We offer spot on advice and help for all your legal needs.

Clients can depend on us to observe these standards in all our work, relationships, business dealings, and community interactions:

  • Client interests will always be paramount in our advice and service.
  • Each client will be valued and never taken for granted.
  • Clients will always receive legally correct, up-to-date, sound, and timely advice and information.
  • We will uphold the highest ethical standards - our personal integrity will always be beyond reproach.
  • Client information will be kept completely confidential and will never be improperly used or disclosed to anyone.
  • Marriott Oliver will always be friendly, courteous and respectful in all our dealings with clients.
  • In our business relationships and community interactions, we will be courteous, respectful, and constructive.
  • We will always provide value for money.