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Put Your Affairs in Order
Organising your personal affairs, finances and business arrangements, and keeping these up to date is essential. It will help you to achieve long term goals while you’re alive and ensure that after your death your loved ones are properly provided for and your wishes respected.

With ever more complex financial arrangements and legal considerations, well conceived estate and succession planning is essential.

Whether your estate and finances are extensive or modest, Marriott Oliver can give you personalised advice and help to make certain you have the most appropriate arrangements in place to secure your future and give you the comfort that everything is in order.

Marriott Oliver will walk you through the estate planning process and make sure all the right arrangements are in place to suit your situation and future plans. Our lawyers take time to listen to and understand your situation and wishes so we can best assist you to achieve your aims and protect your interests. Marriott Oliver gives advice and provides help with:

  • wills
  • estate planning
  • intergenerational wealth transfer
  • family financial arrangements
  • powers of attorney
  • guardianship and enduring guardianship
  • estates

Dealing with the passing of a relative or loved one

Sometimes a relative or loved one passes away without their affairs in order, or you simply need some help to make sure their affairs are managed properly.

Marriott Oliver guides you through difficult and sometimes confusing legal and organisational matters, explains legal requirements, and makes sure the estate is properly administered.

Our expert team gives you advice and help with:

  • disputed wills
  • probate
  • sale and purchase of estate property
  • administration of estates

For help and advice to plan for your future or deal with bureaucratic and legal requirements after the loss of a relative or loved one, please get in touch. We will do our utmost to guide and support you through the process.

A will is a legal document with instructions about how a person wishes to distribute their property and assets after death.

Marriott Oliver will give you legal advice and help to make certain your will is entirely in accordance with your wishes.

Intergenerational Wealth Transfer
This is when a person decides to transfer some of their assets to another generation before they pass on. Mostly this technique applies when there are business or other interests which require seamless management, and in which a person needs a controlling interest to make important decisions.

Power of Attorney
Creating a Power of Attorney allows another person to make decisions on your behalf. Some people appoint an attorney later in life to allow a loved one or trusted friend to manage their affairs. In other cases, a Power of Attorney is organised so someone can make decisions on your behalf in case of incapacity. There are several different types of Power of Attorney documents which relate to different situations.

Marriott Oliver will give you advice and help to arrange the right document for your affairs.

Disputed Wills
Sometimes a relative or dependant does not receive what they believe is fair from a deceased person’s will. They may make a claim under the Succession Act to have a Court make amendments to the will to achieve a more just outcome. read more »

Probate is the process of proving and registering a deceased person’s will in the Supreme Court. Once a person receives a Grant of Probate they are able to administer the estate and distribute the deceased persons assets.

Marriott Oliver offers expert assistance and support with probate.

Sale and Purchase of Estate Property
Often after death decisions need to be made regarding property. Sometimes property must be sold to pay debts or divide assets. In other situations, those left behind might decide to move for financial or personal reasons.

Marriott Oliver has the skills and experience to give you legal advice and help in property matters

Estate Administration
Estate administration is a demanding and sometimes complex task. Marriott Oliver can help you with support to administer an estate and make sure assets are properly divided according to their wishes and requirements of the law.