Mediation & Dispute Resolution

Mediation & Dispute Resolution - Marriott Oliver - Shoalhaven Nowra Solictors

Litigation and Court processes are often lengthy and expensive ways to resolve a dispute. These avenues do not always produce the best outcomes in a dispute.

Mediation, negotiation, and other forms of alternative dispute resolution seek to resolve disputes and claims quickly and effectively without resorting to Court processes.

Mediation uses an independent and neutral third party. This person, the mediator, assists those in dispute to negotiate and reach a mutually acceptable decision. A mediator cannot enforce a decision. Instead the mediator uses facilitation techniques and thorough legal understanding to explore the issues between those in dispute and help reach the best possible resolution.

Mediation is particularly useful when you are likely to have ongoing contact with each other and must find a way past the dispute to re-establish a functioning relationship such as in families, or between business partners. In mediation consideration can be given to information and issues which cannot be put before a Court.

Formal dispute resolution through a Court, tribunal or arbitration process results in a judgement from an impartial third party by which both parties agree to be bound by entering the process. These are enforceable under law.

Marriott Oliver lawyers are skilled negotiators and mediators. We have spot on skills to assist you to resolve your legal disputes without recourse to costly and sometimes long-drawn litigation. We are expert in mediation and can assist with myriad other dispute resolution techniques to help you quickly and cost-effectively resolve disputes and move on. Marriott Oliver can help:

  • set up a dialogue for informal dispute resolution
  • mediate between parties
  • advise on dispute resolution processes and the best approach to achieve the outcome you want
  • negotiate on your behalf
  • actively and vigorously protect your interests in a Court, tribunal, or arbitration forum

If you are in dispute and want to avoid the cost, delay, and heart ache of Court processes please get in touch. Marriott Oliver will give you spot on advice on your options and help you to get the best overall outcome, enforceable by law.

For further information on collaborative law please visit the Collaborative Family Lawyers Illawarra Shoalhaven website.