Family Law

Relationships are complex, intricate, and unique. In today’s world this also means there are myriad legal requirements and issues which arise to secure your legal position, resolve a family dispute, or manage your affairs when a relationship breaks down.

In what are trying emotional situations, many find they must also deal with legal ramifications. Sometimes, the range and extent of legal implications were things about which people were happily unaware prior to relationship breakdown.

Marriott Oliver can help with advice at each stage. We can:

  • make sure your relationships and arrangements are appropriately recognised by law
  • secure your financial or property interests
  • assist with legal complications which arise during relationship breakdown.

Our team includes an Accredited Specialist in Family Law Advice recognised and distinguished expert. We have extensive experience helping individuals, couples, and families negotiate legal requirements, pitfalls, and disputes to achieve the best all round outcomes.

Marriott Oliver expertise spans:

  • marriage dissolution
  • relationship breakdown
  • parenting plans
  • de-facto relationships
  • relationship property
  • paternity or grandparent issues
  • blended family issues
  • family business disputes
  • collaborative law
  • same sex relationships
  • cohabitation agreements
  • prenuptial agreements
  • binding financial agreements
  • family mediation
  • apprehended Violence Orders

If you need trusted and expert help to make important legal arrangements for your family or relationship, or family legal advice to deal with relationship breakdown, please contact us.

Relationship Breakdown
Unfortunately, not all relationships last. This is always a sad and difficult time, however for married couples or those in de-facto relationships this also has many legal ramifications. Marriott Oliver can help with advice to protect your interests at this trying time.

Grandparent Rights
Grandparents often have a special bond with their grandchildren which can be adversely affected if their children’s relationship falls apart. However, grandparents also have some rights and recourse to the law if they no longer have access to their grandchildren. Marriott Oliver can help grandparents understand their rights and options to gain better access to their grandchildren. read more »

Parenting Plans
A parenting plan is a written agreement between you and the other parent regarding arrangements for your children after separation or divorce. A parenting plan must be signed and dated by both parents. For an agreement to be legally binding you must apply to the court to have your agreement made into a consent order. Marriott Oliver can help you make certain your parenting plan is going to cover all necessary arrangements, and enforceable by the Courts if necessary.

Collaborative Law
Collaborative law uses negotiation to resolve a dispute without ever going to court. It aims to reduce costs, delays, and stress to reach an equitable agreement. A lawyer who advises you and negotiates in collaborative law cannot subsequently represent you, if you and your partner cannot reach an agreement and eventually need to go to Court. read more »

De-facto Relationships
A De-facto relationship is when two people live together as a couple. After two years in a de-facto relationship many of the same rights and responsibilities apply to a de-facto couple as a married couple. This means in event of relationship breakdown property and financial assets may need to be divided.

Same Sex Relationships
Same sex relationships are recognised in law as de-facto relationships if a couple live together for two years or more. This means rights and responsibilities under law are similar to married couples. Marriott Oliver can help you understand your rights and responsibilities under law and how to protect your interests.

Cohabatation Agreements
Cohabitation agreements apply to couples who live together but are not married. It formalises your living arrangements and defines your relationship to protect you both from any future relationship complications.

Binding Financial Agreements
A Binding Financial Agreement is a written agreement between two people, before marriage, during marriage, after separation, after divorce, or in a de-facto relationship which details financial arrangements and division of assets if their relationship comes to an end. It may also include items such as spousal maintenance and child support.

Prenuptial Agreements
A prenuptial agreement is a type of Binding Financial Agreement which takes care of the difficult issue of how to divide property and financial assets in the event of relationship breakdown.

Blended Family Issues
Blended families are families where both partners have children from a previous relationship. There are many legal issues which may arise in a blended family. Marriott Oliver can help you understand your rights and responsibilities.

Family Mediation
Sometimes family disputes cannot be effectively resolved by simply talking, particularly when they involve financial and property concerns, or other legal matters. Family mediation provides a structured dispute resolution process to help you reach an agreement. For mediation, Marriott Oliver can help. read more »

Relationship Property
Individually and jointly owned property is a major factor in many relationships. It’s important to make certain your property is properly protected and you have the right agreements in place for your situation.

Apprehended Violence Orders
Sometimes relationships suffer from violence, abuse, or harassment or during relationship breakdown an individual becomes threatening. An Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) is an order made by a Court to protect an individual. It will protect you by ordering the defendant not to do specific things, such as come near your home. If breached the defendant may be arrested and face criminal charges.

Family Business Disputes
Family businesses have many complex and intricate business and familial relationships and connections. Myriad issues can arise which lead to disputes. Marriott Oliver can help families work through any issues and draw up agreements to guard against future disputes.


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