Criminal & Traffic Law

Criminal & Traffic Law - Marriott Oliver - Shoalhaven Nowra Solictors

Even the best among us occasionally have issues with the law. In some cases we unwittingly breach a law. Other times, we simply don’t think through the consequences of a seemingly benign action.

If not handled properly, these situations can seriously effect your reputation, cause you to lose your drivers licence, threaten your livelihood, or impact your liberty.

Marriott Oliver can help with advice from first interview with the police through to a final Court hearing, if necessary.

Our astute and robust defence will always protect your interests.

We can:

  • make certain you are not unfairly charged or unjustly treated
  • advise you on likely penalties
  • strategise the right course to achieve the best possible result for you in the circumstances
  • help you present your case to prove your innocence
  • take action to reduce your penalty or sentence if you decide to plead guilty

Experienced Marriott Oliver advocates are easy to talk to and confident in the courtroom.

Our reputation and success is built on detailed preparation, solid understanding of the law, and a commitment to achieve the best possible result in each and every case.

If you find yourself under suspicion or charged with an offence, you need expert advice and advocacy immediately. Marriot Oliver lawyers will help you navigate the legal maze to arrive at the best possible result for you.