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Business Matters - Marriott Oliver - Shoalhaven Nowra Solictors

Small enterprises and family businesses often grow and evolve without the formalities, structure and risk management essential for success of their larger counterparts. However, an ad hoc approach to business legal issues often results in complications and greater long-run expense.

Marriott Oliver has given advice and help to businesses in the Shoalhaven area for over 100 years. We understand the commercial realities and unique circumstances for businesses in our region. Our team of expert professionals is well versed in relevant business law and especially the unique issues faced by small enterprises and family businesses.

At every stage in the business lifecycle, Marriott Oliver gives astute counsel. We prepare contracts and documentation, advise on key legal concerns and requirements and put in place legally sound arrangements for current management and your future plans.

Marriott Oliver delivers practical, affordable and comprehensive service to family businesses and small enterprises to achieve their objectives. Long experience means we know what works and where there is potential for serious legal problems to arise. Our help and advice spans:

  • sales and purchases
  • asset protection
  • management agreements
  • intergenerational transfer / succession planning
  • dispute resolution
  • conveyancing
  • contracts, partnership agreements, and shareholder agreements
  • leasing
  • mortgages and company charges

Our astute legal support will advance your business goals.

Management Agreements
Management agreements set out arrangements for management of assets or property and responsibilities of an agent nominated as manager. Marriott Oliver creates comprehensive and clear management agreements appropriate to each business situation and to address your pivotal issues.

Intergenerational Transfer
Succession planning and effectively transferring management and control to the next generation is essential for long term continuity of any family business. Marriott Oliver advises and helps families to manage a smooth transition from one generation to the next with professional help.

Property Services and Conveyancing
Buying and selling property is part of many businesses. For spot on advice and help in property law, Marriott Oliver is the right choice. We deliver cost effective, quick and reliable property legal services and conveyancing.

Clear, easy to understand and comprehensive contracts, in plain English are the cornerstone of well managed businesses. Marriott Oliver gives help to you make sure your contracts cover all necessary legal requirements while remaining reader friendly and easy to use.

Property Leasing
Long term viability of a business often depends on securing premises at the right location. Marriott Oliver helps both tenants and landlords protect their business interests with practical advice on and drafting of lease agreements.

Mortgages and Company Charges
Often, extending credit facilities means putting up your business assets or home as security. With plain English explanations, Marriott Oliver will help you understand your rights and obligations and liaise with your lending institution to quickly realise a successful outcome.

Partnership/Shareholder Agreements
In small enterprises and family businesses basic agreements between owners are frequently disregarded in favour of more informal and casual arrangements. Partnership and shareholder agreements set out the ground rules for ownership and exiting of your business. For your new enterprise to grow successfully, or in the event cordial arrangements breakdown in your business, such agreements are essential. Marriott Oliver can help with clear and concise agreements to set your business on the right path and keep it there.