Congratulations on 30 Years of Service

Partners and Staff congratulated our longest serving employee Judy Waite at a surprise lunch. Judy has worked in all areas of the firm over her 30 years and has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and valuable expertise that she shares with us all for the benefit of our clients every day.

Judy currently works in our Property and Business section with Partner Carolyn Hagedoorn and will be well known to many clients and associates.

There was much reminiscing at the lunch concerning how the practice and the law has changed over that time. Judy began her career at a time when we had no electric type writers and long distance calls other than to Sydney were via a trunk operator. Wills needed to be typed 100% correctly with no alterations. Any mistakes meant starting over again. The photocopying regularly caught fire in the copier and FAX machines were not even thought of. Back then Marriott Oliver operated from the Holt Centre. Judy has shown herself to be adaptable to the changes in technology and practice that she has experienced and this has no doubt contributed to her long career.

The Partners wish to publicly acknowledge Judy’s contribution to the firm and wish her all the best in her future career at Marriott Oliver.

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