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Who Can Challenge a Will?

Who can challenge a will? One of the biggest fears a person has when making a will, is the fear of someone challenging it. Wills can be challenged for the following reasons: The will is not a valid document. The testator (the person making the will), was forced into signing the document. The testator did […]

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Preparing to Sell Your Business

To be in the best position to sell your business in a prompt manner when you find a purchaser, preparation is the key. There is a lot of work that happens behind the scenes before the money should change hands and a key part of that is having all of the necessary information to give […]

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RECOVERY ORDER: What do I do if my child is not returned?

If your child is taken from you or not returned to you, you need to get legal advice about applying for a “Recovery Order”. A Recovery Order is a Court order authorising and directing the Police, to recover and return your child to you. Often, time is of the essence. Applications for Recovery Orders can […]

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Matters for Landlords to Consider When Leasing a Commercial Property

When leasing commercial property, landlords need to consider numerous matters. This article looks at some of the key components of rent agreements that can cause difficulty during initial negotiations. Bonds    – A bond is money paid by the tenant when the lease begins to secure performance of their obligations. The landlord keeps the bond at […]

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Why are final property orders so important even if you agree on everything?

When couples separate it is important to make arrangements about the distribution of property, and if there are children involved then arrangements should be made about who the children will live with, and when and where the other parent will spend time with the children. Many separated parents can reach agreement about these issues and […]

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What is Probate and when do you need it?

Probate is not a death duty or death tax. It is an order from the Supreme Court of NSW confirming that the last will of the deceased person is valid. Probate allows the executor to collect the assets and distribute them the way the deceased person wanted. Probate is not needed every time somebody dies. […]

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